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Monday 11th January

Wow! I knew my scarf was a bit like Tom Baker's in Doctor Who, but Seb at the Dr Who Online magazine just posted a fantastic review of me in Leap of Faith. It's on their website at


Go take a read and then buy the book and read all about me in my first adventure.


Saturday ... I can't remember the date!

One of Neets's cats escaped this morning and somehow found its way through the Time Portal and ended up back in Camelot. It wasn't too difficult to work out where it had gone and we expected we'd find a very confused moggy licking itself to cover up its confusion. Instead we saw it sitting outside the cave, surrounded by rabbits and nibbling on the remains of a carrot! Every so often the cat looked as tough it was listening to whatever the rabbits were saying and then nodded in agreement. Eventually it raised a paw in farewell, trotted back into the cave and into the Time Portal, totally ignoring us! When we got back to the 21st century, the cat was already eating the leftovers from a ridiculously expensive Galahad meal. After the meal it had a knowing look on its face and I've told Neets to find out what those darned rabbits told it!

Monday 5th October 2020

I hate Mondays. Really do! It's means the weekends over and it's another 5 days before we get a fun couple of days. Today was different though, because yesterday Merl decided to send us to the Moon. Weird I know, but that's our wizard for you. She reckoned she'd been there a couple of years ago with Arthur and while they were there, the royal bozo reckoned he met the Man In The Moon. Merl said she didn't spot the lunar guy, but as we had a spare day, and we were doing nothing she set the dials and seconds later we were staring at the Earth from a new viewpoint. Luckily the wizard had given us supplies of oxygen. We never saw the Man In The Moon, but we did see the dog. He was a lovely chap, even though he was a little big  at 10 feet tall, but we put that down to the lack of gravity. Newton could have bounced his apple for months before it hit him on the head.


Friday 25th September 2020

I have to be careful when I put in a date, because when Neets and I are belting round Time we could be anywhere and anywhen. In fact I'm at home in the Temporal Detective Agency  office in Merl's old cave at the moment, but that's just a fluke!

Okay, so this is my first diary entry in my writer man's new website. He told me the old one crashed and burst into flames, but I just think he was a bozo at keeping the thing together! Anyway he's asked me to pop a few diary notes here when I can . By the way, that's me on the cover of our books,looking more like Tom Baker as Doctor Who, than an apprentice wizard and detective. But people expect me to wear it so I do!

Right, down to the diary bit ....

Actually nothing much happened today. You know what it's like ... Got Up, Had Breakfast, Fed Neet's Cats, Had Lunch, Watched Some Telly, Tea and Bed. Boring. Galahad made another million quid in his Ole Grill restaurant and Merl turned someone into a rabbit, but felt sorry for him after an hour and turned him back.

Average day!

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