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News and Events

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Book signings
​Now that shops and garden centers are closed again I'm trying to set up signing events fo whever things get back to normal again. Please pop along if you can ...
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Leap of Faith ....
Is now available  as an audio book through                
If you have available Audible credits you can get Leap of Faith downloaded to your preferred device and listen to it right now!
 Detective             Agency
Book Three
Book Three in the Temporal Detective Agency series is well on the way to completion, though as yet has no permanent title. This time the Agency spends most of its time in America trying to save several presidents from a variety of fates.
Tertia, Unita and Marlene are still running the Agency, with the help of David and Bryn, the girls' boyfriends (possibly!). Merlin, Arthur and Galahad play their parts and this time they're joined by four members of the FBI (the Federal Bureau of Infinity).
I'm aiming for a launch around Summer this year!

On 22nd September in the evening I was interviewed on Radio Chat and Spin, an internet station with over 400,000 listeners world-wide and 40,000 in the UK. I talked about my current and future books in the Temporal Detective Agency series, as well as the launch of Leap of Faith as an audio book. If you'd like to listen you can follow this link. My interview is in Part 1 and 2 hours and 36 minutes into the programme. Hope you enjoy it!

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