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Leap of Faith


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              Review from the Dr Who Online magazine


Reviewed by: Sebastian J. Brook

Review Posted: 11th January 2021


Leap Of Faith (the first book in The Temporal Detective Agency series) is a totally bonkers, humorous, yet surprisingly gripping, cross-genre adventure. 

Tertia - our main character, and chief narrator - hilariously guides the storytelling. Right from the off we find our heroine stuck at the top of Nelson's Column (sans Nelson himself), thanks to some time travel shenanigans gone awry. That whole first chapter had us in stitches, and the laughs - nay tears, didn't stop there!

This is a story that very much sits nearly in the pocket of interest for fellow Doctor Who fans, and if the multi-coloured, 4th Doctor-esque scarf on the front cover wasn't enough of a carrot dangler for you, you'll find several gems within that will have you drawing parallels to our favourite Sci-Fi TV series.

We mentioned earlier about the humour, and whilst Leap Of Faith is a truly brilliant story that will keep your interest throughout, it is author, Richard Hardie's sheer talent as a comic writer that shines through, page after page. In fact, we don't think we've ever read a book that had us laughing consistently throughout as much as this did!

From modern-day London to 18th Century Wales and beyond, Hardie keeps you on your toes with delicious plot twists, rich, vibrant characters and a foe that matches the talents of our temporal team, perfectly.

If you want a fun, feel-good frolic of an adventure to kick off 2021, this is it!

"This is the first book I have read by Richard Hardie. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, it is full of adventure, action, and fun. The scene setting is wonderful, and the characters are vivid...I did adore Pedro! There are some touching moments as well as heart-stopping moments! I will look forward to reading the second book in series."

"Right from the off the writing is witty and highly readable. The pages come to life with vibrant characters who hold your interest. For young adults this is brilliant because history is played into the story with knowledge and know-how. I can highly recommend this book and hope the series becomes successful - it would be wonderful televised! Just a thought..."

"Three daring girls began life in King Arthur's court where they were apprentices to the great female magician, Merlin (You see, it's a little different from the past you thought you knew.) When Camelot fell, they found themselves between worlds. Naturally, because they have a taste for adventure and a craving to solve mysteries, they found the Temporal Detective Agency. So, when someone steals the statue of Lord Nelson from atop its column in the center of London and leaves in its place one of our heroines, they must take the challenge. Zipping between their hang-out in the 21st century Ole Grill, 18th Century Wales and other times and places places, they can't quite imagine that, if they are to resolve the whirlwind of menacing situations they encounter, they will meet a demonic evil from their distant trans-temporal past and face the end of their own lives."

"I had great fun reading this adventure. Time travel, history and adventurous antics all rolled into one. Loved learning more about Wales in the UK. Loved the detective side of the story. Loved the wizardry, the present day Camelot and the mix of fantastic characters. The whole story was so different and fast-paced.
Happy to recommend and read more by this author."

                                                                            Plus many more!

Trouble With Swords

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"This second book in the Temporal Detective Agency series builds on the very solid foundation of the first book. Tertia and her Agency cohorts have settled into their roles beautifully, there are romantic rumblings aplenty in Tertia’s heart as new boy David starts proving his worth and we get more time with Arthur and Merlin in this instalment plus some revelations and returns from some of the favourite Knight of the Round Table. Again it is really the women who push the story along with the boys adding a little bit of beef when brute force is needed!
The gift of humour that Richard Hardie utilises with a subtle hand on these stories, elevate them above the norm. I suspect that the rather nifty Cameo from Mr T Pratchett and family in the restaurant and the author bio are testament to a hulking great inspiration from the Discworld author and the obvious interest and joy in that clever comedic turn of phrase is clear.
The story cleverly weaves in some great Historical figures into the plot. Whilst history is bent a little, I am sure that these little titbits will be catalysts for some of the more questing young minds to do some research of their own.
A perfect read for youngsters nine to ninety I would say, and I got immense pleasure from returning to the TDA cave myself.
It is awfully good fun and the perfect length for a quick read on a winter night with a cup of Earl Grey and some Bickies. It is a huge shame though that Merl Grey is so hard to pick up in Sainsbury's these days!"

"Trouble with Swords is the follow up book to Leap of Faith a story about the temporal detective agency run by time travelling wizards from King Arthur’s court in Camelot. This sequel contained many of the same loveable characters from the first book but added in a few new and interesting ones. I actually enjoyed this book more than the first one. The action wasn’t really based in one location as in the first book but wound its way through key times and places in history, namely Rome and Egypt and I really enjoyed the evocative descriptions of how these key events could have played out (if time travel had been involved). I found that the action and dialogue flowed a little better in this sequel culminating in a lovely little twist at the end which could account for a certain set of historical myths. I most definitely did not guess who the bad guy was. Altogether a great sequel to a highly recommended series."

                                                                                          Plus Many more!

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